Finding his ship in harbor
she’s waiting for his sails to furl
he’s waiting for her smile

Finding her love his arbor
he searches for his waiting girl
she worries for the while

Finding their bond unbroken
he holds her even tighter
she cannot help but cry

Finding his heart awoken
he laughs to will the sky to her
she laughs to will her heart
to fly

Finding her wonderful
he sees her everywhere he goes

Finding him wonderful
she gives him everything he sees
and feels
and knows

Finding the Earth my harbor
I long to see the sun rise
she turns into her light

Finding her breast my arbor
I find in her a paradise
she finds in me a child

Finding me wonderful
she gifts me everything I know

Finding her wonderful
I give her everything she seeds
and nurses
and grows

Ulf Wolf
April 1996/May 2015
Copyright © 2019 by Wolfstuff

A Simple Phrase

 Somewhere in your life
I'm sure you know the feeling
of wishing there was someone
to tell of all your dreams

Me, I searched
for more than just one lifetime
for this precious understanding
for this precious queen of mine

But I, for one
never knew the meaning
of these simple little phrases
like, I love you

'Cause my eyes were closed
I never knew the feeling
but now that they are opened
I've never felt more real

Soft as the rain
clean as the snow
I found her in a garden
that only lovers know

And the light that she gives
is gentle understanding
of these simple little phrases
like I love you

Ulf Wolf
Spring 1978