Wolfku Musing 10

The rose: tall and proud
The blade of grass: envious
The sky loves them both


Along Pebble Beach Drive, where I walk each morning, there are many nice houses, some with beautiful and well-tended gardens, some with many and wonderful flowers.

The flower in question, the “rose” of this Wolfku was one of those, but it was not a rose. What kind of flower it was, I don’t know. But it stood tall, and it stood proud and rose just came to mind.

Surrounding it at every turn, grass. Lots of it. Some blades shorter than others. All, though, seeming to enviously eye their tall and beautiful cousin stretching toward the sun, blithely lapping the warming morning light.

The thing though, the thing that struck me, was that they all inhale carbon dioxide and they all exhale oxygen. They are all tended to more or less equally by the sun and they share the same sky. And this sky, that I share with them too, does not discriminate in the least. It loves the rose and the blade equally, supplying them equally with their sustenance same as the sun beaming down through the sky arrives at the doorstep of both rose and blade asking to be let in.

I wish I could talk rose, or blade, and then I would have told them this and perhaps also pointed out that there is reason neither for pride nor envy, the sky loves them both, equally.

Not so sure that particular rose would have listened, though. It did look mighty please with itself.