Wolfku Musing 19

The two guides I trust
to lead me through
  this life are
Frugal and Simple


 It seems to me that this is a universal truth: Unless you stay vigilant and pay constant and close attention life will complicate itself. And when it does, you lose sight of important things.

Important things like: Who am I and what am I doing here? Who are we and what are we doing here?

Looking back at my quarter of a century in Los Angeles leading my then gainfully-employed life, I see one day after another rushing by in a whirl of a thousand things to do from the very moment you awake to the very moment you finally fall asleep, not a quiet moment: a life constantly filled to the point of choking with things, things, things.

Of course, some things are more thingy than others. Some things are quite lovely, like wife and children and your very green back yard, while other more thingy things just pile up in their consumer-world insignificances as more and more things to buy and own and store in the house and then store in the garage and then eventually get rid of and one wonders what on earth…?

Some things are pressures, things you must do (or fake doing) to earn (or fake earning) that all-important paycheck to cover the mortgage and the car payments and the groceries and the thousand things she needs to buy and the thousand things the kids need and the thousand reports we have to write to keep our employer informed and impressed: barely time to breathe, and when you get home, there’s more work waiting to make those extra bucks to pay for those extra things you and yours need—yes, unless you stay vigilant and pay close and constant attention life will indeed complicate itself beyond the enjoyable.

I am proud and pleased to report that I have left that life behind now, though it still rumbles around (turning up stones) looking for me down in Los Angeles, but I am nowhere to be found in that end of the state. Yes, I have escaped, severed ties, found a life where I can pay close and constant attention, where I can be vigilant, and where I can be frugal and keep things simple. Zen-like in a way, and enormously refreshing.

Why I never thought of this before amazes me.

Or not.