Wolfku Musing 29

Purpose on six legs
  some red
  some black
proudly crossing
  the path
Look out


Stina, my youngest daughter, was three (or was it four?) years old. We were on a short daddy-daughter walk in the Angeles National Forest just north of the city.

We took a sandy path weaving away from the parking lot and into what goes for greenery in Southern California. As we took a little break, a very small ant scurried across the sandy path, apparently quite intent on his destination. We studied it for a while. So busy, so sure of itself, so knowing precisely where it was heading. “Do you think that ants think?” I asked her.

Not taking her eyes off the little guy, she pondered this for a while. Then she looked up at me: “Red ants or black ants?”

Stunned into fatherly silence, it took me a little while to reply, “Red. Red ants.”

She looked back at the little guy for a while, pondered my question, then answered, still regarding him, “Marriage. They think of marriage.”

True story.