Wolfku Musing 33

God was done
We asked:
  What do we eat?
He said:
  Each other


 The term “zero-sum game” arises in all its ugliness.

For one being to die that another might live is not lovely, it is demented. It’s not wonderful nature oh, so bucolic in its loveliness—stripping the surface paint off the thing we’re looking at fangs and blood and kill or be killed all the way down to the algae. I, for one, would like to take whoever dreamed this one up out back and have a few words.

Oh, but the poor animals know not what they do, it is not cruelty, it is not ugly, they just want to feed themselves and their young. It’s nature.

Well, that’s my bloody point (pun very much intended): It is nature. It is designed this way, and whoever designed it knew, from the very beginning, that this is precisely how it would and should work. That is cruelty.

Please get me off this rock.