Wolfku Musing 38

A Gordian knot
With no Alex to cut it
That is what life is

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What at times strikes me with the force of a physical blow is that a lot, and I mean an awful lot of people have been at these questions of Truth and Death and what on earth is going on here on this little third rock from the sun.

 And what strikes me even harder is that no one, absolutely no one, has come back with an objective, true answer. (And, parenthetically, I suspect that if someone truly discovered the ultimate truth, whether he or she shared the secret or not, we’d no longer be here).

I am not saying that some have not found and mapped out a path toward discovering, for ourselves (perhaps) the answer—think Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, et al. Still, no one has come back with an objective, verifiable answer to the question: what on earth is going on here?

Perhaps there is no objective, verifiable answer. So many mystics point out (it’s like a chorus) that the ultimate truth is beyond reason, beyond normal human understanding (the objective kind); perhaps there is no understandable answer.

Ayya Khema, the Buddhist nun, once said that insight is understood experience and many of her peers (in various religions) say that the truth, the ultimate one, cannot be known with reason, it has to be experienced.

At times, as I sit on my meditation cushion, I realize and agree: I’ll just have to sit until I see, but other times I almost despair: enough with the nebulousness already, enough with the vague, with just the pointing finger, just tell me. But no one answer that.

Alexander the Great simply cut the Gordian knot with one smart slash of his sword, but there is no Alex around to cut this one: what on earth is going on here?