Wolfku Musing 45

Two crows, side by side
She’s giving him an earful
He’s blinking a lot

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On a wire, these two. Just like any other two crows sitting side by side. But all was not pure and crowy harmony in this household, no sir.

I wish I had brought a camera.

She was really laying into him (or could have been he into her, of course, but that was not the impression I got). Earfuls and earfuls.

On and on and on about something—shopping, babies (or lack of), perhaps, food, mortgage, who knows, and he, patiently taking it, looking at her once in a while but mostly looking straight ahead and blinking a lot.

Who knows what crows argue about when they do? But one thing was very clear, this was indeed an argument, definitely. Proven, if by no other sign, by the utter absence of other crows on that wire—all, wisely I think, keeping their crowy distance.

While he kept blinking.