For years, I tried to fuse two of my songs, this song: Aldebar, and the next: The Traveler into one longer song in two parts, since The Traveler truly is a direct continuation of Aldebar. But I could never find a good bridge, an unobtrusive transition; and so they have, to this day, remained two songs and will so continue, I’m sure.

What I said about Aldebar, the sun/star, introducing The Traveler holds true here as well, of course. Aldebar is a childhood sun.

The name sprung to me out of nothing (but distant memory), and still he sails nearby skies.

My yesterlife, childhood sun.

The Words:

Aldebar is rising
get your things
they come now
any moment

Clouds obscure him
out to sea
he barely
touches water

I see them in the distance
no one now
remains upon
our shore

I know that you suffer
still make sure
that all is well

Look, the clouds are parting
now luminates
the harbor

Aldebar is smiling
unaware that
we are soon
to leave him

I hear them in the courtyard
say goodbye
to Aldebar
right now

I hear them on the stairwell
is there
anything you have

Aldebar is grieving
why we have
been forsaken

Aldebar is fading
will we ever
know his light

Ulf Wolf
February 1998/June 2015
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff