I wrote this song in October of 1974. One stormy night in Edinburgh, as I recall. At its heart lies the illicit love affair that occupied so much of my attention those days, now seeing its end approaching.

Like the old oak, rooted to deeds done and to the inexorable passage of time, I could but lament the ravages of this October.

I revisited this song over Christmas 2014 and polished the chording and lyrics some; seeing, too, how the lyrics now also well reflect the autumn of my life.

The Words:

October brought a storm this year
his windy hand
stole my leaves and scattered them
throughout this land
but I must face
what leaves may never understand

Summer is gone

Travelers, their harrowed faces
make their way
lanterns struggle with the darkness
that they may
shine a lighted path
to see them through their day

Summer is gone

Freezing strangers rushing past
my roots at night
specters haunt and harry those
who fear they might
never reach that distant
cottage window's light

Summer is gone

Tender nights and promises
are swept away
lovers I once sheltered
now have lost their way
though memories and mossy bark
remain to say

Summer is gone

Left I stand, I'm anchored here
I cannot go
weathering the season
I've come to know
thinking solitarily
well, let him blow

Summer is gone

But sometimes, when my spirit sinks
I wish that I could fly
away upon the storms that pass me by
that pass me by

I wish my branches all were wings
and proudly set to sail
high above hello and then goodbye
and then goodbye

Ulf Wolf
Fall 1974/Winter 2014
Copyright © 2014 by Wolfstuff