Written in 1978 (I’m still in Sussex, England) this melody (and, primarily, the guitar lines), for some still mysterious reason, called to mind some early 1960s pop song that I could not (and still cannot) put my finger on.

Still, I liked it.

And, as so often happens with my songs, I worked out the melody and the guitar part before I began casting about for words to dress them—high and low for poetry to match.

These were the words that came to mind.

The Words:

Sad little clown on the open shore
when you dream of things
the future doesn’t hold no more

and the wind whispers tears
into your eyes

It’s one sad story with a sad fate
for the things you said
and solemnly then promised her
were said too late

for this fine young hero to maintain
his disguise

and with the moon in your eyes
you turn away

But when the beauty of the open shore
and her once upon a starry secret
sing for me to cry no more

a new day will dawn
to dry my eyes

And when the always of the open sea
and her once upon a starry face
that I have always known as me

scatter on her waves my very last

I will open my eyes
and fly away

Ulf Wolf
Summer 1978/Winter 2015
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