Concerning Wolves

Ever since I was a kid, wolves have fascinated me. Not the least, of course, because they are my namesake, but that’s only part of the story, and only a small part at that.

For not only are they beautiful animals, in truth I think they are more spirit than flesh.

I wrote this song from the viewpoint of an aged wolf (which, of course, is how I sometimes think of myself), and once I started writing, the old wolf took over and whispered the words on the wind and down on paper, falling like snow.

The landscape of the song has stayed constant since written, although I have revisited the lyrics a few times, trimming them here and reshaping them there, but never to alter or lose the soul of the song, which remains one of my most loved (by me), and possibly the one I play most often (for myself and for whatever devas might listen in).

The Words:

We’ve been lost and
running since these
many moons ago

Where we are
and how we came
is not for me to know

Through the rage
of heartless weather
wrought by skies unkind

We still race
to keep the pace
for what we hope
our final run will find

Crossing the tundra
fighting the snow
trusting instinct
where to go

Perilous mountains
rise in our path
urging the gods
to vent their wrath

Loping through
this ageless forest
pale moon on the rise

carving shadow
'neath our flight
that we may realize

that for all the
wooded darkness
moonlight might betray

what we are
and what we seek
and what this aged voice
will never say

Fording the rivers
besting their chill
finding the air
colder still

Thirsting for sunrise
we rest on the run
cursing the clouds
that shield the sun

We are hunters of an open country
seen by our hearts and dreams
and by the hunger chasing us

Embered eyes and distant skyline
fade into night that seems
kin to the season facing us

On the wind
our fathers whisper
that the path is true

but with cold
and empty belly
hard to keep in view

Still the deep
and vibrant calling
surges to the fore

Lick your wounds
and quell your pain
the trail is long
you'll run forevermore

Racing your shadow's
speeding grace
urging the pack
to keep the pace

Braving the chasm
plunging the deep
ceding your life
the pace to keep

Winds are fading
with the starlight
dawning is at hand

Chasms rise
and mountains part
to yield their hinterland

Blinded by the
sudden stillness
shivering I see

No more wolf
no more life
no more always running
left for me

Ceasing the darkness
I shed my pride
I reach the well
deep inside

Mystical water
you slake my thirst
I surge to light
as shackles burst

Ulf Wolf
Spring 1992/Spring 2014
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff