Diana’s Dream

It was October of 1974. The city was Edinburgh and the room was not very warm, the dark, drafty chill bravely battled by the small electric fire that almost—but not quite—could.

I was desperately, pathologically, destructively in love. The liaison was blessed or condoned by no one. Illicit is the word. Still, they say that love is blind and in my state I was one of the very blind.

Yet, out of this forlorn hunger, that windy evening, rose this song. To this day it is one of my very favorite songs, both lyrically and musically.

The Words:

Her shutters conceal
long since closed
but one
to and fro
with the wind

and 'cross her garden
dark with leaves and years

a whispered cottage
winks another wan
and windy wink
to me

A windy wink to me
a will-o'-the-wisp
a smile

I meant to saunter through my past
but soon I slowed
and fell

and the wind brings far too much of her
for me
to rise

Ulf Wolf
Fall 1974/Fall 2014
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff

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