Dust of Angels’ Wings

Almost every song arrives as melody and chord structure. I then play it on one of my two Fylde Ariel guitars, over and over, working out the details, and when the melody is almost done, when everything—to me—feels just right, that’s when I ask it what kind of lyrics it would like to have.

This song in particular took that very path: the words floated in on a sun ray, settled on my tongue and asked to be sung.

As I sung it to myself, each little word found its own place and made there a home. That is how this song originally came to be.

In 2010 I played it over and over to make sure I still felt happy about the lyrics and the arrangement, and yes, I did. I only changed one word—“feast” to “gift” which in light of new experiences seemed the right thing to do. Other than that, it’s the song I wrote in 1995. I was happy with it then, and I am happy with it now.

The Words:

The dust of angels' wings
a glitter in the sun
a-glitter as it brings
a light for every one

The light of angels' wings
a guiding in the dark
a-guiding as it brings
to each a long lost spark

to you as a furrow
to you as a seedling
to you as a harvest

to you as a water
to you as a meadow
to you as a forest

The song of angels' wings
in air alight and free
in air a light that sings
the truth that we shall be

the earth of a furrow
the heart of a seedling
the gift of a harvest

the cool of a water
the soft of a meadow
the deep of a forest

Ulf Wolf
Spring 1995/Spring 2015
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