Every now and then it just strikes me over the head, lead hammer, full swing, brains on the floor, heavy impact: we live in a society almost entirely designed for, and driven by consumption. Perhaps there’s no “almost” about that, come to think of it.

A society—if not a world—where more is everything. Where more is beauty. Where more is love. Where more is life—Or else.

And like sheep—incapable of escape—we drink whatever is offered. And then we drink some more.

While nothing could be farther from the truth, were we only to look.

Since I am convinced that we can fight the evils of this universe with art, I collected myself and fell into song. This is the result: my ode to the compulsive consumer in us all.

The Words:

I’ve heard about virgin scenery
somewhere beyond the machinery
me, I’m fine right here
won’t let it get to me

I have no goals and I make no plans
I fan the fire with one-night stands
where I leave no hopes
and will suffer no demands

I tempt a lot
as I siren and sing

I feast on hungry hearts
but that doesn’t mean a thing

I wish I could sample all I see
that everybody would come to me
with their friendly smiles
and their generosity

I believe that I am what I eat
that I can taste everything I greet
and I’ll drink to that
for this world is but a treat

I spin a lot
as I spider and sting

I don’t know who I am
but that doesn’t mean a thing

It’s a consumer’s paradise
it is my world and if you’re fool
enough to feel it
you will never quite repeal it

And I know

it’s an unthinkable mistake
to try to fight it or to fake
us out and leave it
‘cause we’ll never quite believe

that you would

try or ever count on breaking through
if what you plan and hope to do
is find some reason
in this all-consuming season

we have brought

to snare you firmly by the throat
and we do not even remotely
care you think
we have served it up

and you will drink

You pray a lot
as you sinner and cling

You say you’ve had enough
but that doesn’t mean a thing

Ulf Wolf
Winter 1998/Summer 2015
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff