The image of this song rose from the cover of a science fiction novel which pictured (very well drawn) several moons rising, including one very large and near, seen from a planet that obviously was not our Earth.

From there the image of the song grew on its own accord, spreading before my inner vision not unlike a waking dream, vivid and telling.

I left the viewing body as the words slowing rose alongside me into the stillness of space above and beyond and up to and among my long lost companions: the stars.

The Words:

Moons on the rise
far away mountains
stillness inside
ever expanding

Motionless flight
wide and transparent
seeing those old
boundaries fading

Exploring glances
make space to see
a brand new dimension
opens up
with the wish to be
forever and ever
and ever and ever

Stars by my side
loyal companions
lights that convey
clear understanding

Ulf Wolf
Summer 1985
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