Little Earth

Sometimes I have the district feeling that this blue little planet of ours knows precisely where she has been, precisely where she is, and precisely where she is going.

Other times I’m convinced that she has not a clue, and just spins obliviously on through the whispering starlight.

The truth, as truth is wont to do, probably settles somewhere in-between.

And so I asked her, and this song is my question.

The Words:

Little Earth into empty
which way do you go
are you lost
or have you forgotten
all you used to know

the things you used to know

With your mountains and oceans
forever in tow
on your way
for a far tomorrow
only you could know

that only you could know

Through the whispering starlight
revolving you go
have you thought
where you mean to take us
I should like to know

I’d really like to know

Ulf Wolf
Winter 1997/Spring 2015
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff