I wrote this song in London where I, at the time, temporarily shared a room with a friend of mine who in turn rented it from a very cool Indian lawyer. I remember them both, both fondly and well.

I also remember clearly who I had in mind when I dreamed/wrote it. She was, and was to remain for many years to come, an elusive never-to-be-reached dream—only dreamed and imagined.

Yet, hope lives and breathes eternal it seems. It’s only now, in the graying phase of my life that I feel wholly free of that longing.

The Words:

The day breaks far above my dreams
the sun shines through
on their valleys and streams

A sleepy thought unfurls his wings
to great the day
and the hope that she brings

Then softly glides out into space

Above the land, above the sea
above a time
that's been troubling me

He sails the wind of dreams that try
to reach the sun
of a future sky

To find a kingdom he once knew

To soar the sky he knows is you

Ulf Wolf
Summer 1977/Winter 2015
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