Maitreya is the prophesied future Buddha (the Bodhisatta) of this world, the successor to the historic Śākyamuni Buddha, the historical person we know as the Buddha, and he/she—I’m sure—will show up when things get too hard for humanity to sort out (or not).

She is also the person I wrote about in my novel Miss Buddha, which indeed is the Maitreya—only now she goes by the name Ruth Marten. She had not intended to return to us so soon, but what she saw when she last looked forced her to step up the time table a little.

This song is for him/her, whenever he/she sees fit to come and remind us of what we are and of the true state of affairs down here.

The Words:

Lives and lives into aeon
echo ever after
their distant rumble leads you on
you rush you stumble then you're gone
so soon

Longing for the farthest door
silence ever after
the oath you took to wage the war
the fist you shook so high before
the night you saw belied by the moon

The night we see belied by the moon
alive again to sow
a seed that we must know

Searching for the clearest light
certain ever after
the bodhi tree repels the night
but all you see is spirits in their plight
and dearth

Listening by the farthest door
rising ever after
the sun you grew the stars you wore
recalling you they shine the lore
of love and hope on all here on Earth

The stars that shine their promise on Earth
alive again to sow
a seed that we must know

So fine and pure
it must endure
under the strain and strife

that wise and true
the real you
may reach the water of life

Behind your eyes
in stillness lies
a quiet pool of view

though fine and pure
it will endure
whatever life ever knew


traveled by the faintest song
learning ever after
to nurse the flame to keep it strong
to teach the fate of endings that are long

Leaving by the farthest door
sacred ever after
your final word was nothing more
than waves we heard caress the shore
you reached before you sailed for the sun

The shore we reach to sail for the sun
alive again to sow
a seed that we must know

alive again to sow
a seed that we must know

Ulf Wolf
Spring 1992/Summer 2014
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff