One Ship Fleet

Four years out (at near light-speed) from the nearest form of Terra Firma can take its toll, especially if you’re the only one onboard this inter-stellar freighter.

I’m not saying that this is the truth. I’m not saying that this is not the truth. All I’m saying is that this song—as they are wont to do at times (more often than not, come to think of it)—simply walked in one day, sat down, and wrote itself.

The Words:

My childhood sun
is but a star
for they grow that small
when you come this far

And from this dark within dark
it's gotten hard to see
for the wintry dust
of the galaxy

Me, I’m tending to my sanity
what little that I've got
I'm feeling pretty low
and I cry a lot

I was hoping for adventure
I was hoping for a lot
now I’m four years out
and I’m not too sure
of what I've got

in the company of instruments
that cast their light
upon these years
I've spent in flight

I'm the pilot and the officer
I'm cook and crew
I'm the only one aboard
with scant to do

that’s why I'm living on my memories
of grounded feet
of days to rise
and of friends to greet

for in the middle of an emptiness
a one ship fleet
has little to hope for
and no one here
for you to meet

And I can't even
say for sure
that I have not
gone crazy
for last I counted
we were two
and fighting for the
things to do

But when I sigh and
close my eyes
I can see no
it's just my heart
my single voice
my song my prayer
that sleep may bring
a friend along

I used to worry about the cargo
but the tether is strong
no matter how fast I go
it just trails along

And there is nothing here to mend
for there is nothing can go wrong
‘twould seem it's only me
who is not that strong

Still, I tend my thoughts
as they ebb and flow
and I write them down
in their afterglow

And I try again
to spy my star
in the dusty dark
but I just can't tell
I've come too far

Ulf Wolf
Summer 1996/Spring 2015
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff