At times, growing up, I felt—almost knew—that behind love (and here I’m talking about infatuation or sexual attraction/compulsion) there was nothing. Just shadows.


The Words:

All my reason has
fled me
left I stand
with one single hope
in hand

Hearts and lovers have
led me
darkly and I
wish I could

Ruthless hungers
deceive me
into rising
into those
tempting eyes

Hearts and promises
leave me
blind and stranded
here upon shoals
and lies:

a phantom hunger's roar
a phantom lover's call
a phantom winter's frost

for lost are those forsaken
my heart are you forsaken

Sweet eternities
find me
all but frozen
deep within what
I chose

Hearts and memories
blind me
but to those
who say maybe
someone knows

why phantom hungers roar
and rising rising
phantom voices call

to all who are forsaken
my soul am I forsaken

Suns forgotten
once told me
but for flight
we cannot
embrace their light

Hearts and angels
enfold me
wings alight:
now fading
into the night

Ulf Wolf
Lucia Morning 1995/Spring 2015
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff