Phoenix Rising

I think I like this song more for the arrangement than anything. And that is how the song was born as well. The sort of syncopated guitar which I had to practice and practice until it became second nature so that I could sing over it and still play the odd double strikes.

The theme, of course, is ancient—and, in my view, true. And that death is nothing more than an evening before a mostly dreamland.

The Words:

Serpent slithering airs
concede him who dares

Muses singing a late
wanderer's fate

Birth to feel
earth so real
ears and eyes
though hardly surprises

Those who suffer this lie
will never defy
this mostly dreamland

Fervent fevers collide
their secret to hide

Wave and wind leave behind
little ships that they find

Blood and phlegm
who will stem
fire and air
who does the caring

Those who suffer this truth
will venture this ruthless
mostly dreamland

may it be that
someday soon
some will find a way

and so will find
the fading moon
the fading moon
the fading moon

that faintly near
they will appear
alive and true
and mostly you

awake and true
and mostly you

amazed and true
and mostly you

earth and water will free
the searcher that be

Thousand mornings will hail
the seekers that sail

And you concede
as you bleed
truly wise
the Phoenix is rising

death to be nothing more
than an evening before
a mostly dreamland

Ulf Wolf
Winter 1991/Winter 2010
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff