Both logic and instinct tell me that there can only be One Truth.

We’re here, that’s pretty much established fact. And seeing as we are here, we arrived here somehow, but some route, by some way, by one way. Not by two ways, by one way.

The way things are are the way things are, and they are the way they are for some reason, by some sequence of events. By the way things took place, by how it all happened.

If you say, well, we don’t really exist, we’re just dreaming all this, or someone is dreaming all this, including us wondering who’s dreaming all this, well, then that’s the way things are, the One Truth.

Well, what if, you say, we all arrived by different routes. Then, I answer, that is the way things are, the state of things, the One Truth.

And here is where I always had a problem with religion, with there being more than one of them: they’re guessing.

And when you listen to preachers, whether Christian, Muslim, Baha’i, Hindu, Buddhist, when you listen to preachers expounding the truth (they call it—and trust me, they believe it) they’re just improvising, guessing.

The Buddha said the most sensible thing about this I’ve ever come across: Look for yourself.

Then he gave us the Path to walk to look for ourselves. And it is there, to be walked, for all those with little dust in their eyes.

The Words:

Distant bluebells chime
Jesus sees us some days
hearts and fallen grace
bracing for their final climb

Lost and tired he flees
found and led by starlight
sheltered by the night
and the light the spirit sees

Is there a path we can find
is there a land we can reach
is there a lantern
is there a flame
is there a guard
to know my name
have I a name at all

Eos conjures rain
Maya conjures needs
Icarus concedes
then heeds the earth:
his one last pain

Far beneath the word
silences I know
silently bestow
rhyme to render what I heard

Is there an essence to life
is there a truth to believe
is there a something
is there an all
is there a God
to heed my call
is there a me at all
is there a me at all

Ulf Wolf
Winter 1992/Summer 2014
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff