Another song in the new-found open G tuning. This in England in early 1973.

I felt that I had struck pay dirt here, with this open tuning business. I didn’t really have to be a good guitar player, I realized, it sounded good anyway (at least to me, and that’s all that really mattered at the time—and now). Bliss.

Also, at one point I played this song for Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band and his comment was: “You’ve got a little gem here.” Praise from my hero: again, bliss.

The Words:

bring your sweet wine to me
haven't had a drink all day
and I'm thirsty

bring your sweet tune to me
haven't had a song all day
now I'm singing

bring your sweet light to me
haven't had a kiss all day
come to me

Ulf Wolf
Winter 1973/Spring 2015
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