The Conversation

This song started out as the two opening chords. I played them over and over again knowing that the opening line was approaching. Closer and closer the longer I played.

Then one morning, they arrived, as if born fully-fledged.

Now, I don’t know whether this love song is dedicated to a non-existent ideal, or to a distant memory, or to someone I’ve met but did not quite recognize. I don’t know whether the one-way conversation is aimed at dream or reality, distant or not.

All I know is that when I wrote the words I meant every single one of them from the bottom of my heart.

The Words:

It’s all I can do
to keep myself
from falling apart

I see your face
in a thousand different places

And though I know it was
long ago
this dream refuses to part

And I still look
for the faintest trace
to light the way and to
lead me back to the
long-lost light of my heart

For in my sky you laugh
and twinkle bright
in every star
yet so far
yet so far

It’s a one way
a little strange I know

and in a voice
unsuitable to hoisting

We were not meant to
ever part
so when we had to let go

it didn’t leave
a choice for me
but to trace the light of a
wind you sighed in a
sky you knew I would know

For in my thoughts you see
and soothe me
sensitive and true
shining through
shining through

Down my darkened aeon
I have loved
none other than you

It’s been your eyes
that have shown me all my guises

that’s why I keep
on trying all
these words to help me shine through

and as they rise
I imagine they will
find their wings and will
find your wind and will
find a harboring view

for in my dream you care
and comfort me
and all I knew
to be true
to be true

And in my sky you laugh
and twinkle bright
in every star
still so far
still so far

Ulf Wolf
Winter 1998/Summer 2015
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff