The Visitor

Between 1981 and 1985 I only wrote two songs—one each for my two daughters. At that time, I was rather immersed in my job and had put song-writing very much on the back burner, if not removed it from the stove altogether.

But the song-writer within refused surrender, and in June of 1985 I began contemplating with fingers and strings again. And then “The Visitor” arrived.

I know it’s probably an overused phrase, but this song did write itself—I was only playing the host to it.

I saw myself as pure (and bodiless) consciousness sailing over the snow-draped north of my birth country: white fields and dark forests for as far as this eye could see; every now and then the black, reflecting ice surface of a winter’s lake, reflecting stars up at me in their icy constellations.

I revisited this song in 2008 and added the intro and embellished a little inside, but by and large it is still very much the song I wrote in 1985.

The Words:

Looking down from the northern sky
thought I, I've been here before

Mesmerized by the crystal night
my flight brought me down for more

Above forests in a sea of snow
I go leaving not a trace

and the lakes and the stars they hold
like gold in their dark embrace

Blue world you did entice
travelers like I

With clear and wintery skies
soothed my weary and
tired eyes

But, my God, that was long ago
I know not from where I came

Nor do I know for where I'm bound
or the sound of my own name

Beauty weeps as desires claw
in awe frenzied by the fake

Pistons rage as the engines war
how much more can a spirit take

Cruel world you did entice
travelers like I

But now with fiery skies
blind these all but
forsaken eyes

Though looking up at the clear night sky
and my memories the same
for a moment it seems that I
remember whence I came

But these visions are far between
I feel desperate, gasping for time
and as I wonder, what do they mean
I pray my songs will carry me
back to what I've seen

Shackles break as again I soar
once more free to play and roam

No more valley, no more shadow, nor death
my breath is a wind for home

Heavens sail in my body bright
their light is my long lost name

Planets dance in my laughing heart
as a part of this always game

Small world you did entice
travelers like I

Sweet tear in faraway sky
light the blue in my

Ulf Wolf
Summer 1985/Fall 2014
Copyright © 2018 by Wolfstuff

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