October of 1974. The crazy, hidden love affair was coming to an inevitable close. Upheaval writ large on the proverbial wall.

I wrote this song to, in some strange way, brace myself for the ending, and the revealing all to all concerned—to those injured and to those not. A dark, dark time, painful in so many aspects.

Songs were then my only refuge and I retired in them often, often. While writing more of them to retire (and hide) in.

This song is about the ending (with a faint dream of a very unlikely future).

The Words:

With a sigh
I caught your eye
to realize again
what I am leaving
a forlorn thought and
fading dream
disharmony conceiving
what is true
I love you

One last night
I'm still awake
to feel you
softly breathing on my shoulder
the silence is my cradle now
though dark
and so much colder
as I dream
of laughing

with you, in white
dancing down a hill
sparkled by the sun
with a smile
so vivid, yet so still
knowing in your heart
I know you

Clouded eyes
rarely reach the height
from which to see
the light you brought me
rarely does
the darkened heart
envision what you taught me
here is mine
for free

that we may know love

one last time
as life that we have led
within a stolen breath
is fading
our ships are setting sail again
for sense
there's no evading
storms to come
It's so hard!

Still, you and me
we are the sea
upon which we sail
though ships may part
songs are free
to wing for these shores

that we may know love

Ulf Wolf
Fall 1974/Fall 2014
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